personal hand painted gifts

...for birthdays / special events...

I. a letter on tiles

You have received or written yourself a letter, which is particularly important and you want to give it as a gift?

We transfer it to tiles and decide together with you on a personal design.

II. A memory, a place, a name, a year?

A puzzle as a reminder of a life or a family story.  On each tile there is a name of a family member, a place, a year and a word connected with a memory. 

Each tile can be slowly unpacked one at a time, allowing each person to tell about a memory. 

...for parties, for weddings...

III.  An nameplate for the seating arrangement?

We can paint individual tiles as desired and engrave / write on them the names of the guests. A small souvenir for your guests and an eye-catcher on the tables.

IV.  A personal story...

We are happy to hear about a personal memory that we can convert into a ceramic painting that will forever capture and remember this special moment.

...for moving in...

V. Being at home, in many places?

Someone has moved and you want to give something extraordinary for moving in? 
We would be happy to create a ceramic painting in memory of their former home/hometown. Bring photos and descriptions and we can get started.

VI.  Gift voucher for a personal wall design    

You know that someone would be especially happy about a personal wall design, but you want to leave the choice to the person? 

We also create vouchers for this as a gift. case of loss...

VII. a personal message on a grave

You are grieving and would like to leave something personal on the grave?
We will find the right words and design together with you.

VIII.  Gift voucher to an artistic workshop

Give a grieving person the gift of an experience to meet grief in a creative way.
Contact us and we'll provide you more information.

All these ideas are intended as an inspiration. 
If you bring a completely different idea, we are happy to implement it too!